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You can view your workouts online and print them off. Our unique calendar clearly shows you when you are scheduled to workout.

You manage your sessions through the calendar. Here you can view a summary of your current and future sessions. You can even view ones in the past. You can also provide feedback so that you can see how you're getting on.

By looking at the Calendar you can see at a glance how you’re getting on. Red, grey and gold hearts show you the sessions that are planned, partially completed and those that are finished.

Select a particular day and you can view your workout in the schedule page.

The schedule page shows you details of your workout. Here you can print the details of your workout and take it to your gym, place of work or wherever you’re going to train. You can also provide feedback on how you got on by recording the weights you lifted and how you felt.

I don't know how to do an exercise

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with a particular exercise. Our exercise cards will show you the proper technique and explain how to perform the exercise.

I'm not very good at aerobic workouts

Regardless of your ability, our aerobic sessons are designed to get your heart rate up to the required levels. We explain in our workouts the physical symptom that you should achieve to be in the correct heart rate zone.

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