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Online Personal Training for only £8.95 per month!

Bored with the same old workouts? Not getting the best from your gym sessions? Want to workout but are not sure what to do? Then it's time to get professional help. For only £8.95 per month you can get your monthly exercise programmes online.

What do I get for my £8.95 per month?

A full monthly set of fitness training workouts that have been designed by Level 3 Advanced Instructors. You can access your workouts at anytime via our unique calendar and print them off. We also include free e-mail support for any query you have.

Don't know how to train?

Our workouts are simple and easy to follow. All workouts come with clear instructions on what to do and our exercise cards explain in simple terms how to perform an exercise.

No time to train?

Don't worry, you can choose our Express plan that gives you a total body workout in just 30 minutes. All our workouts are optimised for the time you have available. So whether you can spare 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour, you know you'll get the best from the time available.

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