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Welcome to the DavidHarvie.co.uk registration area. Our registration process is quick and simple. There are four main stages to go through:

  1. The legal requirements, for your peace of mind and ours
  2. Enter your personal details such as address, e-mail and a username to allow us to create your davidharvie account
  3. Tell us a little about your fitness, what kind of programme you want, the equipment you have, when you’re available to work out and what your goals are
  4. Select a subscription option and your payment method and details

At the end of stage 4 you will be able to view and use your personal workout programmes.

At the bottom of each page there is a Continue button to move to the next page. If at any point you need to go back to a previous stage then simply click on the number at the top of the page that corresponds to that step.

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